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NICHOLLS, Sutton (1668-1729) – London

Engraver, printseller, draughtsman and globemaker. Produced A new map of England and Wales with the direct and cros roads 1687 for Philip Lea; A new mapp of the sea coasts of England Scotland and Ireland with the adjacent coasts 1688 for Robert Morden; An epitome of Sr William Petty’s large survey of Ireland for Sir Richard Cox, “Hibernia anglicana : or, the history of Ireland” 1689; Thomas Phillips, A true survey of the Earl of Donegals the barronie of Enish-Owen for Philip Lea ca.1690; Thomas Phillips, The true groundplat of the citty of Londonderry ca.1690; A new map of England and Wales, with the direct and cros roads for Philip Lea 1690; “Military geography in twelve mapps” 1691, with James Moxon; a plan of the siege of Namur 1695; five of the Robert Morden county maps for “Camden’s Britannia, newly translated” 1695; A new mapp of England & Wales with the adjacent parts 1700, for James Moxon; a number of maps for Edward Wells, “A new sett of maps both of antient and present geography”, a publication for which he was the principal engraver, including A new map of the Brittish Isles shewing their antient people, cities and towns of note, in the time of the Romans, A new map of Great Tartary, and China, A new map of the most considerable plantations of the English in America, etc., 1700-1701; Hampshire for Robert Morden, “A new description and state of England” 1701; A large draught of the coast of Arabia 1703 for John Thornton; Norwich ca.1710; A new map of North Britain or Scotland containing all the cities and market towns ca.1710; A new mapp of Yorkshire with the post & cross roads 1711 for Henry Overton; A new mapp of the county of Cornwall 1712, A new map of Darby shire, with the post and cross roads 1712, Glocester shire and Monmouth shire 1712 and A new mapp of Lincoln shire 1712, all for Henry Overton; The roads of England according to Ogilby’s survey, ca. 1712, again for Overton; A new and exact mapp of Scotland, or North Britain described by N. Sanson 1715 for Overton; The travellers guide ; being a new & correct map of South Britain ca. 1715 for Thomas Bowles; The navigable course of the River Are from Leedes to the Humber & German Ocean for Ralph Thoresby, “Ducatus Leodiensis : or, the topography of the ancient and populous town and parish of Leedes” 1715; John Prince, A design of ye buildings already begun to be built, in ye parish of St. Mary la Bonne 1719; A new and correct mapp of Europe done from ye latest & best observations 1719 for Overton; A new and exact plan of the city of London and suburbs thereof 1720 for Overton; Ten gateways in the city of London and the city of Westminster; with descriptions below 1720; A new and correct map of the roads in England and Wales wherein are contained all the road waies and the principal cross roads 1722, for Henry Overton; A prospect of Greenwich, Deptford and London 1723; A true plan of the city of Excester for Richard Izacke, “Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter” 1723; The world, a new and correct map laid down & described according to the latest discoveries ca. 1725; The bay of Gibraltar 1728; John Bowles, To the right honourable the lords commssioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain & Ireland &c. this sea chart of all the sea ports of Europe, whether on ye Baltic the Mediterranean or the Ocean &c. 1728; A map of Persia for Judas Thaddeus Krusinski, “The history of the revolution in Persia” 1728; An exact plan of the town, castle, mole and bay of Gibraltar for the Bowles family. He also engraved views of London (some from his own drawings), botanical and anatomical studies, portraits, bookplates, song-sheets, etc.

BRITISH MAP ENGRAVERS : Trade-card of Sutton Nicholls. © Trustees of the British Museum.
© Trustees of the British Museum.

Taken to be the Sutton Nicholls, son of Ralph Nicholls, baptised at Eltham, Kent, 13 Nov 1668. A member of the Weavers’ Company and an apprentice or journeyman of Philip Lea (the 1692 Weavers Quarterage list gives him as Sutton Nicholls Lea). The 1695 Assessment showed Nicholls with his wife Elizabeth having as lodgers the engraver Robert Pricke and his family. He married (2) Elizabeth Boar of Oxford 7 Nov 1702 at St. Mary, Stoke Newington – various children were baptised at St. Botolph Aldersgate in the ensuing years. A son, also Sutton Nicholls, was baptised 20 Jun 1714 at St. Bartholomew the Great but died in infancy. Subscribed to John Dart, “Westmonasterium : or, the history and antiquities of the Abbey Church of St Peter’s Westminster” 1723. He was buried at St. Dunstan in the East 28 Oct 1729.

Next door to the Carpenters Arms in the Old Change, near Cheapside 1692
Next door to the Three Compasses, Old Change, near Cheapside 1692
At the Two Globes, Long Walk near Christchurch Hospital 1693
At the Golden (Gilded) Ball, East End of St. Pauls near Cheapside 1694-1702
At the Cake-shop by ye Halfe Moone, Aldersgate 1703
Near the Half Moon Tavern, Aldersgate
Parish of St. Botolph Aldersgate 1705-1709
Against the George Inn, Aldersgate 1710
Against the Angel in Aldersgate Street 1710
Near the Weavers Arms, against the Postern, London Wall 1712
Next door to the Jack
The Close, St. Bartholomew the Great 1716
Next door the Crown & Sugarloaf, Tower Street

Apprentices: Thomas Joseph 1715 (£15); Thomas William Bowler 1716 (£10); John Haines 1716; William Roades 1719 (£20).

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